Jewellery Family Lineup

Xara Theodoraki

Personal history of Chara

The Chara Theodorakis was born and lives in Rethymnon.

She began her contact with handmade jewelry little ... backwards. She had just finished decorating school in Syros.

In 2000 she went to Italy-Florence with a European project, where it was the first contact with the jewelery. There's realized the great love for creating jewelery and her tendency towards them. By her returning to Greece, she knew what she wanted to do from there on in her life. She studied in public school Silversmiths OAED in Athens. Along with the school, she began to work in Vangelis Polizo lab and then at Polytechnic. Both labs did continue handmade jewellery.

Wanting to start her own business, she returned in Rethymno creating her own shop ... a jewelery gallery.

There inspires her creations of the last 5 years.

Having the need to share her knowledge, she complete the third year of instruction in the educational handmade jewelry , in the contemporary art museum of Crete.


Jewellery Gallery Chara Theodoraki

In an alley Govatzidaki, there is a jewelery gallery. This is the workshop of Chara Theodorakis. There you will find only handmade jewelry made by Chara and other selected artists. Unique carvings, jewelry like artworks.

In the area dominated by the silver and colors, semi precious stones and fabric. Some hints of gold enhance the marriage of melodic metal this gallery. Some gold enhance the marriage of metal in the gallery. The arches, elaborate cornices, circular styrofoam, industrial flooring and studio bring a lasting and sweet contrast that comes and closes with unique, alternative musical sounds. Each jewel and a name, there is a thought.

Each ornament is unique as you are. For this you can have custom-made orders.

Choose a design you like or discuss the creator your thoughts and she will make it happen.

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